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Cardiff Scintigraphics Limited, also trading as i2c Pharmaceutical Services, is a spin-out company from Cardiff University.

Current sponsors of RDD online web based training module “Aerosol Deposition and Assessment of Pulmonary Drug Delivery” by Dr Stephen P. Newman.

CSL was established in 1992 by scientists within the School of Pharmacy and Phamaceutical Sciences following several years of successfully conducting clinical gamma scintigraphy studies for the pharmaceutical industry. The founding scientific directors were Glyn Taylor, Stephen Farr and Ian Kellaway.

CSL has built a wealth of knowledge in the area of drug formulation and device development and research. CSL has a twenty year history as an independent company, meeting the diverse objectives and exacting standards of pharmaceutical development.

CSL provides independent services to clients for development of pharmaceutical formulations and devices within laboratories at Cardiff. An alliance between CSL and Simbec Research Limited has existed since the mid-1990's and via this collaboration, human scintigraphy studies are conducted within the clinical pharmacology unit at Simbec.

CSL has a dedicated team specializing in the niche services described on this site and endeavours to provide an efficient, reliable and effective service.


Professor Glyn Taylor
Director of Research
Phone: +44 (0)29 2075 7865

Dr Simon warren
Research Manager
Phone: +44 (0)29 2075 7865