"Scintigraphy is a safe non-invasive method for determining the biodistribution
of drug delivery systems under physiological conditions.

The successful application of scintigraphy is dependent on direct or indirect labelling
of a component of the dosage form with a suitable gamma-emitting radioisotope such
as Technetium-99m or Indium-111.
Alternatively the dosage form may be manufactured, using GMP processes, to contain
a trace quantity of samarium oxide that is activated prior to administration. If appropriate,
dual labelling methodology may be utilised. For instance gastric emptying of both liquid and
solid components of a standard meal may be simultaneously assessed.



Case Study showing Dual Isotope Gastric emptying:

Time sequenced images showing simultaneous gastric emptying of Technetium-99m radiolabelled standard meal (green) and an Indium-111 labelled dosage form (red). The dosage form is retained within the stomach whilst the food preferentially empties. Scintigraphy can be used to quantify the fraction of each component remaining in the stomach. Dual Isotope Gastric emptying