Andrew Brown joins Cardiff Scintigraphics / i2c Pharmaceutical Services (CSL/i2c) as their new Chief Executive Officer

Cardiff, UK, Press Release 30 May 2024

Cardiff Scintigraphics has appointed Andrew Brown as the new Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors, with effect from 03 June 2024. Andrew will be succeeding Glyn Taylor who will remain as a member of the Board and as Chief Scientific Officer in a part-time capacity.

Andrew is a proven leader and brings a wealth of experience over 20 years in senior pharmaceutical development, device development and operations in the pharmaceutical industry, with Sanofi-Aventis, GSK, Oriel and most recently, OBG Pharmaceuticals.

“I am honoured to lead such a talented team at CSL/i2c during this pivotal time. CSL/i2c’s unique offering and strong IP provide a great platform for future growth” said Andrew Brown.

“Andrew is clearly an inspiring person with the qualities and experience to lead CSL/i2c through the next phase of the company’s expansion and he has the unanimous support of the Board” said Glyn Taylor current CEO and a Founding Director of CSL/i2c.

Established in 1992, CSL/i2c is a leading contract research centre of excellence for inhaler development and testing, enabling the transitions from inception of concept and initial research findings through fast-tracking to clinical testing.